I am really fulfilled to be embarking on this newer dynamic of teaching and guiding one towards greater, personal expansion within themselves not only through dance, but solely through the powerful tool of verbal communication we have access to via phone!

The intentions for these sessions are:

To get to know yourself on a whole other level than you currently do now

To connect deeper to your personal truth with compassion, understanding and insightful tools

Help guide your heart’s calling in your career path

Heal existing relationship blockages beginning with Self and flowing into the others

Feel clear guidance on what new steps to take towards creating positive change in all areas of life

Gaining NEW perspectives that will help you expand greater into the strongest version of yourself / uncover what has always been there but possibly not directed properly!

Allowing our personal energy to be so well used!

Your trust within me on the spiritual front lights me up, I hope you know this. I value it deeply and hold a true judgement free container of love for our conversation to be an ultimate safe place for your healing and your genuine growth.

What phone sessions entail:

- Insightful and guided questionnaire comes with first phone call (6-9 questions)

- Our timed guidance phone call

- A follow up text message conversation that touches on your progress / helps hold you accountable towards anything we are working on building greater!

Phone Session pricing options include:

$100 for 1 hour

$150 for 1.5 hours

$200 for 2 hours

We can text about a divine day and time that works best for both of us!

Send me your number here next if you are interested in moving forward with me and I will reach out to you at my earliest convenience!

As soon as we schedule a day and time, the session amount will need to be paid in full via Venmo @Pumpfidence or PayPal *Please note it’s for our phone session listing the date and the time agreed upon.

(Sometimes PayPal charges me a fee to receive money and if that happens, I’ll need you to kindly reimburse it no matter how big or small)

I will confirm receipt of this in text to you and will most definitely follow through on my commitment to our session.

Looking so truly forward to helping guide you in to experiencing your highest self expression! We all deserve that in this lifetime. Let’s get this GROWTH on Goddess!