I value one on one time with all my heart. As you can imagine, it is a source for ultimate growth and direct mentoring in dance and inner world alchemy. I already see infinite potential in you, especially if you are here with me, as we are a mirror. I already know you are capable of all you desire. Now it’s about starting and then being consistent! That’s the winning formula honey bee!

What one-on-one's do I offer?

What one-on-one's
do I offer?

I offer one on one Pumpfidence dance privates in person or via Zoom as well as one on one spiritual healing phone sessions! To learn more, watch this video.

My dance privates can be either 1 hr, 1.5 hr or 2 hrs. I always suggest a 1.5 hour minimum so we can make the most out of our session.

My dance privates include: 

✨ A warm up stretch together 

✨ Ab routine flow

✨ Balance / technique training

✨ The teaching of a dance combo of mine

✨ Many details and tips provided through out the session in all areas necessary 

✨ Phone filming together at the end

Rate: $150 an hr | $225 for 1.5 hr | $300 for 2 hr

Package deal offering for four 1.5 hr sessions: $800 ($100 saving)

My healing phone sessions are always 1 hr in time and this is what they include: 

✨ A questionnaire I write and send to you prior to our session so I can gain insight on what guidance your soul is in need of and attune to your energetic needs.

✨ A safe and loving space created for us to truly absorb information and reach sourceful guidance each time 

✨ The sharing of all the answers I was able to channel for you

✨ Spiritual tools and mindset training techniques for self healing and confidence in Self

Rate: $100 an hr. Package deal offering for four 1 hr healing phone sessions: $350 ($50 savings)