Hey Honey’s!

It’s officially time to make the crossover from my older Membership platform to my newer one!

Your older Membership login will no longer work on the new platform that The Honey B Community is now being hosted on since it’s a completely different online space so you will need to “sign up” as if you are a brand new Member! Don’t worry, ALL of my active Members are receiving a “one month free” discount code that will now last until August 9th that you can apply on the checkout page of my Membership! This will allow all of my previously active Members to not be charged again for a whole month since many of you may have just completed a payment on my older platform.

1. Click here to go to the new platform
2. Don’t try to login yet. You need to sign up as a new member. You can use your old email and password if you choose to again!
3. Enter your payment info and the discount code that you received in your email from me. If you didn’t receive the email, fill out this contact form to let me know you need the discount code.

Also Honey’s, please remember / note that my monthly Membership price for on demand access to the backlog of my full video portal complete with 160 + Pumpfidence Dance Tutorials and Spiritual Guidance GoingInWithBrinn Videos with the guarantee of 2 new ones being added into the portal every month is now $77 a month! 
The value of this educational space is VERY high and in order to keep providing for it the way I truly care to for your constant growth, I have to have the Membership fee closer reflect its’ value too. I feel this is meeting in the middle, which is the whole premise of our sacred work together. It will most definitely remain the most affordable way to train with me, let alone every day and any time! I hope you do any math you need to not talk yourselves out of this online home for you and instead remind yourself of why it’s beyond worth it.
Thank you to all of my Honey’s for supporting me in this necessary change while I continue to pour into your growth! I deeply appreciate all who see me and what I have created for you as irreplaceable.
After August 9th, all Memberships will proceed at the new price. 
If you decide to cancel, I send you my love and know that you are always welcomed back into this community when it is in alignment with you again.
Love, Mama B