Blow any fear or intimidation away when it comes to training with me.

I lead my rooms with the awareness that we attracted each other through the vehicle of dance for so many powerful reasons not limited to ONE!

I teach my choreography slowly and with every detail in place. I play the music frequently so that anything I just taught you can be connected to the music easily for your memory.
I am a very seasoned teacher so I know how to cater to my students and run a dance class like the fine art it is.

My personal instagram @LoveBrinnNicole is where you can source my most up to date daily / weekly class information the fastest. At the moment, due to being pregnant, I am slowing down the amount of in-person classes that I teach. Nonetheless, you can read more class information below.


My style of Heels choreography and teaching Heels dancing originated 10 years ago when I first started training dancers at the world famous Millennium Dance Complex. This is where Pumpfidence was born and reached global awareness through my YouTube class videos. My Heels class and class videos helped pave the path for “Heels” to exist as the popular style of dance it is today and will continue to be.

Currently, you can catch my consistent Beginner / Intermediate PF class every Friday night 7:30-9pm at Eighty Eight Studios LA. Any other class would be held pop-up style or through a Master Class booking.


Hip Hop is the style I trained in as a dancer the strongest and that carried my career into booking some of the major professional dance jobs that I did in which being strong at that grounded style was at the forefront such as the Snoop Dogg world tour, Lil Wayne US tour, Nike commercial, Nick Cannon music videos, Pitbull live performances, & choreographing a Snoop Dogg music video.

My interpretation of Hip Hop was always channeled through an infusion of sensuality though. Instead of trying to eliminate that flavor I naturally added to it, I decided to own it and create “Fem Funk” – Sensual Hip Hop. Dancing in a sneaker is a whole different weight pull than dancing in a Heel. I feel it more authentic to express Hip Hop in a sneaker than a Heel so what each style needs to be technically proper is not sacrificed.


A “Date Night” like no other. This experience allows me to infuse my Pumpfidence guidance and passion for romantic partnership together through a choreographed Beginner Heel level lap dance that we are seductively, connectively, and divinely giving to our lover.

This is an opportunity for someone you care about to see why you love Heel dancing and to respect it and understand it in a whole new light while feeling extremely loved by you through an art form they are now getting to feel first handedly. They are watching and receiving your whole learning process but let me tell you, they are not complaining one bit. At every Date Night, a new dance is taught. I nurture the teaching greatly and integrate many bonding moments between you and your partner. It feels safer than you can imagine and even though there are other couples around you, you often feel you enter your own little world. At the end, my favorite videographer is there to capture all of the couples who desire to perform the lap dance for the camera so that you have a very sacred keepsake to watch over and over again together! Naturally, I put all performances in a class video and feature that on my YouTube channel but if you desire to not have your performance featured that way, that is never a problem.

My man, Jarred Nicolaou, and I host these absolutely magical evenings one Saturday a month so don’t miss our next one happening February 3rd, 8-10:30pm at Mihran K NoHo. It is $100 per couple. Chairs, light refreshments, the whole class and your professional footage come included. This one is Valentine’s day themed so please feel free to wear the sexiest outfits you desire and make sure to follow @LapDanceDateNights on IG too.