Hey Divine Soul.

Thank you for wanting to know about me. 

I am known as Brinn Nicole in this lifetime and it does resonate! I’ve learned to love all that makes me who I am. I am an old soul. I come here very driven to continue mastering the art form of dance, musical embodiment and spiritual expansion for myself and our collective human race.

I started practicing dance, music and spirituality with a fiery passion starting at the age of 6. After being a part of many high level, performance dance and music groups between 6-14 and alchemizing my shyness into an outgoing nature, I went on my first audition.
That led to me booking my first professional dance job as a WNBA Sparks Kid performing at Staples Center multiple nights a week at the age of 14. That job taught me staging, responsibility, dedication, professionalism, awareness, and drive through experience. From then on I was actively working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry and chose to be homeschooled to give my passions all of my focus. This was me trusting my intuition and already practicing powerful decision making.

I always desired to have a microphone in my hand through my occupation so I could speak messages to a wide audience. Originally, I wanted to be a motivational speaker. My passion for dance and the time I invested into it took me in other directions. I knew I needed to be able to speak and thought becoming a singer like Britney Spears was the best of both worlds! My pursuit of musical connections led me to the opportunity of dancing on the Snoop Dogg world tour. This resonated with me even though I wasn’t truly pursuing dance alone. Detour I trusted. After 2 years of touring with Snoop Dogg, which was my college years, I also auditioned and booked the Lil Wayne tour, a Jay Sean tour, and a tour with Erika Jayne.

In between touring I was also performing and / or choreographing now for Pitbull, Aloe Blac, Queen Latifah, Estelle, Flo Rida, Robin Thicke, Macklemore, K Michelle, Lindsey Stirling, Dancing With The Stars, Dance Showdown, The Latin Grammy’s, The Voice, X Factor, World Of Dance, American Idol, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Kids Choice Awards, The Late, Late Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Vh1 Divas Live and The BET Awards! 

Returning to music did not feel aligned with me anymore. This was a detour I didn’t know I needed. I knew I still needed to be able to dance, create freely, AND preach inspirational messages but I didn’t know what that amounted to anymore if it wasn’t music as the outcome. I turned to the Universe asking for opportunities that aligned with the values and passions I knew I still felt connected to. Shortly after this conversation with the Universe, Millennium Dance Complex, the most credible dance studio in LA, offered me my own dance class to teach “Pumps” specifically.
Little did I know what this would turn into.

At this time, Heel dance classes were a brand new style of “drop in” class you could take. I was about to be one of the first handful of teachers to truly start teaching Heels as a dance style in this open class way.


This involved ALL of my values! Pumpfidence was born. My Pumpfidence class videos began spreading worldwide over YouTube and every class was selling out! Pumpfidence has made history in helping the style of “Heels” and the instructors that teach it today reach the level of awareness it now has. Now it is simply evolving with me so I can continue embodying the deeper sense of it all as a whole, teaching it to others for their wholeness too. I desire to teach it through being a “heeling” portal as much as I care to offer teaching entertainment industry level knowledge through it as well.

Best of both worlds. 

There were a lot of trials and tribulations that amounted to me doing loads of self discovery during all of this time too. Let’s not leave that part out. Though dance was always an “escape” for me, I still had to face anything I was trying to escape when I wasn’t dancing and that is what led me down a deeper spiritual path at the age of 21. I began receiving weekly healing sessions with a spiritual teacher I adore named Alta for 5 years straight that helped me navigate myself on every level and step into the sovereign, humble woman I am today to continue on with my own practices now. I also consistently received sessions from a Channel named Torah who helped me awaken greatly during this time too. It was not easy work but it got easier. Since then I have become self trained in the depth of my Spirituality through trusting my own channeling ability directly from me to Source.

I care to teach you how to be a Self Healer because knowing how to do that is what has allowed me to unravel the mentally crippling grip of OCD I have been challenged by in this lifetime with understandings that have truly set me free. I learned how to liberate myself. I am so passionate to share this information that I feel we all deserve to harness for our collective rise. I’ve learned it’s a daily practice and it never stops being one.

Dance is not separate from spirituality and spirituality is not separate from dance. I live by this and I live to teach this too in so many ways, one of the most powerful being my Monthly Membership: The Honey B Community.


Thank you for reading. Thank you for trusting me. I value that deeply. I honor you. I honor myself. I keep it real.

Let’s keep it real together baby.

– Brinn Nicole