Pumpfidence is a heels based dance class centered around storytelling choreography that specializes in feminine force energy, full bodied movement and totally becoming the music.

I combine my entertainment industry wisdom with my heart centered passion in every dance I create.

All of my Pumpfidence combos are originally created for my weekly, in-person classes where my PF class videos are filmed. They then become the meat of my online tutorials.

Want to dance and train with me in-person too?

I offer two weekly classes at two different levels.
I believe both classes are truly great for all levels to take. 

Weekly Pumpfidence Classes

Pumpfidence Foundations
(Beginner Focused Choreography)

Monday nights 8:00-9:30pm
Location: Dynamic Duo Dance Studio
Address: 6514 San Fernando Rd, Glendale CA 91201
Sign up for class early by messaging @DynamicDuoDanceStudio on Instagram

Pumpfidence Mastery
(Intermediate / Advanced Focused Choreography)

Friday nights 8:00-9:30pm
Location: PlaygroundLA
Address: 7375 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA. 90046

What is an Intensive?

Intensives are longer classes that allow for more time to be shared in a more personal way. What is taught in an “intensive” depends on what the teacher cares to teach more intensely within a unique structure of their own creation.

The Roots Intensive (In Person)

 In my “Roots Intensive”, I combine logic and spirituality to take a Heels dancer of any level through exploring their conscious use of energy physically and emotionally. It’s perfect to begin building your Heels dance journey from the ground up or rebuild it with a new approach.

I offer 1 day and 2 day versions, both encapsulating hours of hearty training taking place on a weekend. Both versions include the same balance of Heel dancing and spiritual connection.

1 Day • Roots Intensive:

Saturday’s, 11am-7pm

2 Day • Roots Intensive:

Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm each day

What will you be learning?

  • How to gain flexibility and start your stretching journey. We deeply stretch together.
  • How to build muscle and get stronger. We work our cores and legs together.
  • How to grow your turns and balance. We work on turning and balance training together.
  • How to performance walk in heels with across the floor practices in slow and fast tempos. Basic walks that grow into sexy, added layers.
  • How to embody different emotions internally and physically. I teach my “Co-creating With Emotion” method that coaches you through 6 specific emotions we primarily channel in Heel dancing. This part is truly life changing.
  • How to retain choreography. We work on 4 different ways your memory can get activated.
  • How to do floor work in Heels. You will need knee pads for this.
  • How to become one with the music. We work on how to hear music deeply and build our awareness of it.
  • How to freestyle before and after choreography. We work on slowing down to be authentic in our movement.

The Roots Intensive Rates (*Only 20 spots available per day*):

1 Day: $400

2 Days: $600

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