Pumpfidence Information

What is Pumpfidence? 

Pumpfidence is my personal way of approaching and embodying Heels as a dance style. It is centered around storytelling choreography regardless of the level that I am teaching and specializes in a full spectrum of feminine energy. My movements require total engagement physically and emotionally while encouraging you to completely become the music we are dancing to. For that reason, I always pick music that is pleasurable, therapeutic and energizing to embody. 

My style is founded on the wisdom of my 20 year professional dance career, the 10 years I have been an active choreographer / Heels teacher and consistently pairing that with my ever growing heart, passion and musical interpretation. 

Want To Take My In Person Class?

I currently teach beginner Pumpfidence every Tuesday night 7-9pm at Dynamic Duo Dance Studio.

6514 San Fernando Rd, Glendale CA 91201

Sign up for my class by direct messaging @DynamicDuoDanceStudio on Instagram. This class is $25.

I now teach my intermediate/advanced Pumpfidence classes at random so please make sure you follow me on both Instagrams @LoveBrinnNicole / @Pumpfidence + turn on my post notifications too so that you never miss daily news about my weekly classes, privates, events and intensives as that is where I consistently share that information.

One On One & Group Privates

One on one and group privates is a very impactful way to get more personal with our training together! Just like with my in person classes and online courses, consistency is what will amount to the greatest growth experienced. This kind of focused intimacy allows for me to greatly guide you with individual attention. My privates come complete with a strong warm up, choreography work, detail cleaning, musicality training and take home videos of us dancing together.


If you are interested in becoming an in person, one on one private of mine or want to organize a group private with me, please fill out this form below:

Traveling Master Classes

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to take Pumpfidence to YOU! This is completely made possible with the proper host / studio and me getting in touch to organize all of the necessary details. Below is a form you can fill out to book me for a master class wherever you are and I will get back to you myself as soon as possible. Thank you so much for wanting to bring my training to your area!