Here are some helpful questions and corresponding answers to provide deeper clarification on my Monthly Membership / 3 Part Lives! For any further questions, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

Yes, there is a $88 / monthly commitment made to stay an active Member in order to receive access to all that the Membership continuously provides you. If you were an existing Member when the Membership was limited in content access and valued at $44 / monthly, then we are honoring that rate for you until October 2022 as a thank you for being a valued Honey B from the beginning!

Yes! That is the true beauty of video content but specifically mine because I teach with ALL levels in mind. If anything needs to be modified in the dances, I trust that you can modify whatever you may personally need to. I explain everything thoroughly. All of the video content can be absorbed at your own pace.

Yes! Every month, Members will get access to one new 3 Part Live taught live on Zoom by Brinn included within their Monthly Membership pricing. The live Zoom links for the new 3 Part Live will be sent out to Members via email in respectful time. The 3 Part Live experience will be accessible to Non-Members every month for a $50 sign up fee. 

Every month the Members only Zoom link will be emailed to you as well as put in the Community Forum. This call is usually scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday morning and ranges between the start time of 9am-12pm PST. These calls are purely for us to feel the support of the beautiful community we are committing ourselves to in unity. We journal together, open up about our current journey’s, feel support in our honest shares and play off each other’s energy. Sometimes that is therapy enough. If you ever want to come on as a Member just to listen, that is always okay too.

This is no longer an option. All of my video content is now only accessible within the Honey B Community Monthly Membership to active Members. When you sign up to be a Member, you now receive FULL access to all of the video content at once!

The access to the content would be removed if your Membership is no longer active. That is because this video content is not treated like a product anymore but instead a continuous session. It’s designed to be a consistent Membership just like you would have at an athletic gym or yoga and dance studio. Once you cancel, you wouldn’t be able to keep attending the classes. Active Membership = Active access.

No! You are free to cancel anytime you desire. It’s a mutual exchange of sacred energy. I would never lock you into this relationship. I am here for all who desire to be here too.