I, Brinn Nicole, am showing up for you 24/7 so that you have access to your favorite Heels dance class and the spiritual classes you never knew you needed encouraging you to be proactive about your “YOU” time! Both my dance tutorials and spiritual guidance live side by side in this online oasis designed to deliver you a variety of combos and topics that can act as your portal to BIG GODDESS ENERGY!

Consistency is the key component to major growth and I love the way a monthly membership behaves because of the consistency it naturally promotes. Every month I add 2 new videos into your flourishing video portal you have access to as long as you are an active Honey B Member!

The Honey B Community Monthly Membership is made up of:

Going In With Brinn Spiritual Guidance Videos

Multi Leveled Pumpfidence Heels Dance Tutorials

Guided Journal Prompts Paired To Every Tutorial And Video

Going In With Brinn Spiritual Guidance Videos

I am a huge advocate for mental health as I have experienced living with OCD since I was 11, which is a type of mental disorder but one that I have found is curable with deeper understandings on how our minds, brains, thoughts and belief systems operate on a logical and spiritual level. I craved self healing, love, and trust so much that I became a proactive student to learning how to embody that when it doesn’t always come easy.

I’ve also learned what we dedicate ourselves to practicing everyday is what amounts to those embodiments. My spiritual guidance videos come from my passion to extend tools and awareness that has helped me navigate all of what being human entails. The topics are super universal and always leave room for you to discover your own answers. My goal is for you to feel spiritually connected and understanding of yourself as much as possible as that is the most responsible way we can live. I also feel it goes hand in hand with dancing as an adult.

Multi Leveled Pumpfidence Heels Dance Tutorials

Every dance tutorial beholds a new combo of mine I will teach you step by step with amazing attention on the details that make my choreography what it is along the way! Every piece of choreography is original and an epic invitation to feel something different.

You can train with them at any pace that’s most comfortable for you or take them straight through like an in person class as well. There is also a warm up stretch + abs, a Goddess Body Workout, and fundamental video tutorials in there too

Guided Journal Prompts Paired To Every Tutorial And Video

Journaling is the art form of listening to yourself, which we don’t always do very well. It is the act of sitting with questions and creating fresh space to actually come up with your own answers. It is a major step in building trust with yourself, understanding your “why’s”, and alchemizing whatever has been blocking you from your own greatness into greatness itself!

Every one of my tutorials and videos comes paired with a journal prompt packed with questions that will allow you to build a more meaningful relationship with the material you just did divine work with. It truly takes it all up a notch!




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