Here are some helpful questions and corresponding answers to provide deeper clarification on my Monthly Membership and Pumpfidence classes. For any further questions, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

Can anyone of ANY dance level train with these Pumpfidence dance tutorials?

The short answer is YES! The long answer is yes because my Pumpfidence tutorials are leveled very clearly in their title and description between beginner – advanced and regardless of their level, they are completely self paced, on demand videos that can be trained with in any way that works best for you as an individual! You are able to rewatch any part and any video as many times as you need to until you feel good but in addition to that, I teach that way I would like to be taught. I leave no room for wondering what move goes where, how does it go there and when does it go there! You will also grow even just by watching and listening to my tutorials because dance is a language of its’ own so if you ever can not physically train in one one day, just press play anyway while you’re cleaning up around the house!

Are the Spiritual videos religious at all and / or how do they offer “Spiritual Guidance”?

My guidance is purely there to sharpen YOUR inner guidance. That is the premise. To answer the first part directly, my Going In With Brinn videos have absolutely nothing to do with a religion or religious beliefs nor do I speak to you in any absolutes as if my guidance is the best and only way.

My whole approach for every “Spiritual” video is to simply speak on a very relatable topic I intuitively feel called to speak on by first sharing my personal relation to it, then sharing what mental, energetic, and emotional wisdom I have to offer on that topic, followed by activating steps you can now take to grow yourself within that topic. I strongly believe we all should know how to Self govern our own feelings, energy, behaviors, desires, and relationships as well as develop the skillsets we need in order to listen clearly to our own inner guidance.

Can I purchase individual video tutorials like an individual product outside of the monthly Membership?

Most definitely! The dance tutorials are levelled between beginner to intermediate and advanced. But also because they are on-demand tutorials, you can pause the videos at any point in time to learn the choreography or movements on your own pace.

The spiritual videos are so universal and are not limited to any religion or necessary level of Spiritual awareness already coming in to watching them. All of the Spiritual guided videos offer you very relatable topic and tools for you to take and apply in your own life as long as you absorb them.

If I sign up for The Honey B Community monthly membership but wish to cancel at any time, how can I cancel my membership and what else does that entail?

Though of course I do not wish for you to no longer be an active Honey B and love being a 24/7 online guide for you, I would never want you to feel trapped here if for any reason we are no longer a vibrational match. You are able to cancel your monthly membership anytime.