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Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Say My Name” By Destiny’s Child

Want to feel some of that bad b*tch energy? You’re in the right place my love. I believe it is an important balance to express not only the soft and the feminine but also to release the anger and the masculine. Amazingly, I have found a way where we can tap in to that masculinity while still honoring ourselves as a powerful, feminine force! This combo provides a boatload of sass and attitude! it will train your stamina and your ability to hit levels efficiently! It is a skill set to make faster paced dances look easy and it is only a skill set you yourself can harness when you begin the training! Let’s do this! Stay consistent. Go at your own pace while pushing yourself every time. Be patient with yourself as you learn these new languages.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Bad Blood” By Nao

This is SUCH a sexy song paired with movements that feel like true soul food. This dance is tender, fluid, and very passionate. It will help you strengthen your musicality, your ear for hearing and dancing to music, as this one is advanced in how the moves pair with it. There is beautiful heel technique here for you to sharpen your heel dancing abilities. When I dance this dance, I feel like a Goddess. Use it as a portal for that too. I explain everything so thoroughly and I am so excited for you to explore this one with me. Stay consistent. Go at your own pace while pushing yourself every time. Be patient with yourself as you learn these new languages. Let’s dance.

Going In With Brinn Topic – Why Working Backwards Is The Best Place To Start

Every time I make one of these videos, it blows my mind at how this information can genuinely change our entire reality! I am passionate about making not only spiritual sense, but also logical sense, because the growth truly begins when the sense is so well-made as a whole that the rest becomes a no brainer now to implement. I not only explain why working backwards is the best place to start but I also describe what that even means as well as every step on how to do so! It is always my goal to start a video with introducing the new thought. Then in the middle, build so well on it to the point where you have now developed a deep sense of relatability and connection. Then at the end, I give you every tool you need to leave this video with inspired action on how to begin right away. If you are feeling stuck in anything that you want to begin or stuck in anything you want to feel differently about, this video is everything you need to help you understand exactly what to do. I am so happy to provide it for you. Loving me. Loving you.

Going In With Brinn Topic – Loving Your Inner Child, Teen & Adult

This video was birthed from a massive breakthrough I had that felt like the missing piece to the largest puzzle. All of the “Going In” videos are of that nature but I had the beautiful opportunity to film this video the day after this specific breakthrough came to me, for all of us, so it felt unbelievably at the tip of my tongue, potent with the messages delivery. I open up to you about how I went back in time energetically and loved my 11 year old Self and all I endured that year of my life. I didn’t realize prior to my epiphany that that was still an unloved part of me. I didn’t realize I could go back to her and tell her everything she really needed to hear and give her every feeling that she really needed to feel in the ways that I did. This unlocked so much more for me to see we are able to do for every memory of ours that is subconsciously blocking our hearts present day. I dug deeper and laid out impactful and powerful ways to help you do the same for your inner child, your teenager, and your adult. I realized afterwards that for so many of us, this really is the missing piece in our healing journey’s and how we are creating our future. I know this video will truly change your life and how you live it from here on out. I can’t wait for you to receive this love. Loving me. Loving you.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Lights Out” By Sonn And Ayelle

One of my most popular combos to date and I totally know why. It is the definition of a MOOD. This song pulled out a very sultry energy in me that allowed for movements to flow that feel very sensually artistic. It is not over complicated but yet is very impactful. Each move sits so perfectly into each pocket of the music of where it belongs. I am so happy to teach you this dance step-by-step with so many tips and subtle nuances that reside underneath each movement. All levels are always welcome. Have fun with it. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “BedRock” By YoungMoney

In the mood for a cheeky dance that infuses some sassy wordplay into almost every move!? This dance is for YOU! I love this song and dipping back into this era of feel good, hip hop music always feels right to me. Meeting this song with a heel dance is a really fun twist to the masculine energy it naturally resides in! This combo is a perfect balance of swag and sex appeal. I know you will deeply enjoy it! All levels are always welcome. Have fun with it. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Going In With Brinn Topic – Feel That Money Honey

Money, money, money, MONNNEEEYYYYY!! If everything we create in our lives, in our realities, starts within then money is NOT excluded from that! Little by little as you begin to dive more into yourself you will realize all of the layers and all of the levels that it involves. That not one single thing we experience in our outer world is separate from how we experience it in our inner world! With that said, I am so happy to bring awareness to you on how to upgrade your relationship with a very important component that we all need in this human experience in order to live the way I know we all desire. Let’s feel the sweet wealth together baby! There’s enough for ALL! Tune in to this with me. Money DOES grow on trees! We just need to plant the seeds.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Getting To Know Your Higher Self

Yes. You have a HIGHER Self that is just as much a part of you as your eyes, hands, heart and anything else you identify with. It is the part of you that beholds infinite wisdom beyond this lifetime. The part of you that connects to love whenever you do connect to love. The part of you that is willing to take any higher path at any point in time. The part of you that makes beautiful choices for yourself and all involved. When we don’t know how to connect to this part of us, we may experience a sense of disconnection. We have a relationship with everything, including our higher selves. Let me guide you!

Dance Therapy: Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Dance For You” By Beyoncé

You know anytime I get my hands on Beyoncé it’s a done deal! Every combo I have to Beyoncé has to be one of my favorites… easily. This is a very sultry combo that will put you in a very sultry mood. I love the mixture here in this dance where it takes class, confidence, sexual ownership with a side of hood and allows you to feel like you are ALL of those things! Without further delay, come hit these steps with your Spiritual Dance Mama!

Dance Therapy: Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Ride It Remix” By Regard

This dance has such a good vibe. The song is very uplifting and the moves are very sexy! This is a great combo to work on lots of traditional heel movements while also getting to channel a lighthearted emotion and sensual expression. As always in my dance tutorials, I break everything down so specifically that any level can train with me. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – How To Make Your Dreams Come True

I thought this title sounded a little corny but you know what… it is what it is! That is exactly what I truly want to help you do! I can confidently say I have made my dreams come true my entire life and I continue to live them today. It is why I am so passionate to help pave the way for you to fully grasp how to do this for yourself. You can play this video every morning. None of these videos should be one timers. Get this information into your subconscious and ride the wave baby! Tune IN!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – How To Heal With Others

What we are not always taught from a young age is that “others” are just a mirror for what we need to deeper see inside of ourselves. With this reprogramming we can get a LOAD of answers streaming in, a lot of healing connected and find a sense of inner peace like we desire in our wildest dreams. In this video I go into beautiful detail about how to experience healing with “others” completely on your OWN! Let’s do it.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Tutorial To “Dirty Diana” By Michael Jackson

A very requested tutorial! Here by popular demand! I am so excited to be guiding you in harnessing the energy of this combo and my choreography to it step-by-step! This dance will help you tap into that sensual seductress within. Physically, it’s a powerhouse combo that demands attention! Let’s do this baby! All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Honest.” By Kiana Ledé

R&B vibes all the way up and down! This dance is a beautiful opportunity to express some pain through a sensual, sassy and feminine release. There is no floor work in this combo so it will train you greatly on your feet within balance, weight shifting, heel lines and grooves. This combo can also help you discover and tap into your personal swag which is a beneficial energy to harness! All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – New Beginnings

New years and birthdays are famous “new beginnings”. The Truth is, the opportunity is always here for us everyday and every moment even though there are definitely strong times that energy is amplified for us to tap in to and harness! In this video I guide you through what pressure is made of, how to identify your own story around pressure, how to identify what beginnings you truly care to begin and HOW to give them the momentum they need! Clear steps help us greatly and I have made them for you!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – I Have Fear To Clear

Fear can be so sneaky and also so entrapping. The most challenging part about that experience is not knowing how to identify it clearly as an experience that CAN shift and then HOW to shift. I’ve been there where I didn’t know how to do either and so the fear just stays. You don’t deserve that and that’s also not its’ purpose! In this video I help you face this with so much understanding, so much clarity and so much love. I can’t wait for you to obtain these steps I clarified are all you truly need to know in order to clear your own fear!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “December” By Ariana Grande

A holiday time classic! This combo is such a cute way to spice things up because the holidays are such a beautiful mix of love, gratitude, and new ways of experiencing/expressing intimacy. The choreography is definitely within that spirit! Throw on a cute outfit that encourages the mood and learn this dance with me! All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “34 + 35” By Ariana Grande

Because we’re sexy and we know it! This dance will open up a really sweet door for you to practice owning your sex in a confident way that still has loads of femininity. I love Ariana’s energy through this message so much. It’s subtle, seductive and effective. The choreography is sassy and holds a great balance of conversation, flirtation and playful sensations! I can’t wait to teach it to you. Let’s activate all of that! All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – The Importance Of Being Your Own Lover + Intro To Tantric Sex

As an adult, it’s just time to know this inside and out. We have arrived at the divine time to harness these ways of loving within ourselves; not dependent on anyone to show us these experiences. I am passionate about this because of how much it has truly made me feel more empowered than anything else. As long as we are needing anything from anyone outside of us or believe we cannot achieve it simply within ourselves, we will never know the euphoria of the fact that you can fall in love with yourself and if you don’t… how can anyone else truly? We can only experience the same love that we vibrate on. So let’s create the most beautiful relationship between you and yourself. Sacred. Intimate. Tune in to this superpower with me!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Questioning Your Limited Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are so sneaky. They show up in places disguised in ways that don’t seem like a limited belief until you start to truly understand what they are made of and how they are constructed. Limited beliefs hold us back anywhere we hold them but yet our truest potential is absolutely limitless! Unfortunately, a lot of limited beliefs are inherited. Fortunately, nothing is permanent. Everything can change. I can’t wait to speak to you about how. Unravel and become aware of any limited beliefs that you may hold about yourself and life in general. Let’s do this super good work together!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – What Is Your Soul Feeding On? Looking Into What We Consume In Every Way

What we feed on and what we don’t equates to our energy! What are you feeding your mind on a daily basis? What are you feeding your soul on a daily basis? What are you feeding your body? What are you feeding your heart? What are you consuming with your time? What are you not? This video brings light to all of those questions and helps us know what to do with those answers! Yeah. It’s a good one. Let’s get to it!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Owning Our Divine Masculine Energy

The universe did not want me to forget about this. I had been focusing so much on my divine feminine energy that I was smacked in the face with the need to now balance my masculine energy into divinity as well. When I began to bring this imbalance to light by now spending just as much time understanding the distinct differences between wounded masculine, divine masculine, and overactive masculine, I began to heal the parts of me the divine feminine energy isn’t a part of. wholeness. This is when wholeness is reached. Both energetic experiences are necessary for whole divinity. Masculine energy is not limited to a man. Feminine energy is not limited to a woman. That is simply our body. I can’t wait to share with you all I have learned on this thus far. I know there’s more to come on ALL of these topics! Divinity awaits!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Another One Bites The Dust” By Queen

Freddie Mercury! Thank you for existing! After I watched the movie on Queen, I had to honor his life. His spirit was so infectious and needed to be expressed through me and into the creation of this dance! And now it gets to take a life force within YOU!  Thank you for making another one of my Pumpfidence combos go viral by your love for it. Because of your love for these combos I have thought to teach them to you. This dance will activate something really special. It’s very unique to Freddie’s energy which is a portal for us to channel the beautiful qualities that he so clearly mastered! Just like all of my dances, spend time introducing these new movements. Nurture yourself along the way and be your own best friend! I got you too. Come on Baddie! I’m ready for you.   All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Rocket” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé knows how to speak to my heart. I love creating sensual combos to her sensual songs because there’s so much love in her voice and it pulls out the movements that I completely want to feel! I do not enjoy being sexual and sensual to any music that is degrading in any way. This dance honors our sexuality. This dance honors our sensuality. This dance honors our ability to share this with another if we so desire. Dance this dance to seduce yourself or an outside energy. Play around with both!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Gangsta” By Kehlani

Have you ever wanted to taste the energy of Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad for just a period of time? If you haven’t seen her scenes in that movie, I definitely encourage you to soak them in before learning this dance so that you can be just as inspired to perform it as I was. I wanted the movements to be very interesting and unique so welcome the opportunity to learn this new sequence and way of moving! Treat every combo like a relationship. One time to learn them will never be enough. Go deeper and invest your energy to see a mutual result! Let’s get it.   All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Teeth” By Lady Gaga

A Halloween favorite but good for EVERY time of year! This combo offers us an energetic experience that is on the wild side. Go there! We all deserve to feel that without fear of any kind! It’s really fun to pick a few movie characters that may inspire you to embody a certain energy your spirit felt drawn to. Sexy creepy. This dance will definitely get you going. The movements assist the storyline but will need to settle into your body in order for the emotion and physical ability to be in sync! Keep training with it!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – “How To Access Your Light And How To Work Your Light”

If you are going to do shadow work, you also must make JUST as much time to connect to your light! I have made the mistake of not doing that in the past and so I became unbalanced within my divinity in the process of trying to heal. That will cloud our judgment and we will forget our essence as we do this work. Working with your light and knowing how to access it on a daily basis is vital because that IS your true Self. When you begin to instill that understanding into your conscious mind, you will begin to perceive all shadow aspects of yourself as something that does not define you and is not there to stay but is simply here to push you further into your light! This video means a lot to me because everything I share in here are things that saved my Spirit. Happy to share it with you.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Working With Your Shadow | Why Is This Work Spiritually Responsible For Your Well Being?

At this point in my spiritual journey, I truly see it as irresponsible when we do not know how to observe our shadow and heal any aspects of it. To ignore the things that trigger us is to ignore our truest potential because everything in our shadow is light waiting to be unveiled! In this video I teach you about what the shadow aspect is and how to work WITH it! This will serve you for the rest of your life, just like your shadow will as well!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Karma” By Queen Naija

This storyline is fire! Even though it is not a part of a personal experience of mine, it was so therapeutic to create this dance and tell her story. It helped heal parts of me in my own ways. That is what these combos have the power to do when they are created with such intention and invested into with your commitment and energetic focus. This dance will help you release unfair treatment in a love relationship as well as remain true to yourself along the way. Physically, I love the attitude this dance allows us to express while still feminizing our heel technique within it. That’s a skill! Let’s dance!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Pony” By Ginuwine

Oh girl! You want to feel yourself!? This combo is for YOU! This dance is pure permission to be your sexiest, most flirtatious, most seductive self as much as you damn please! Are you wanting to get more unapologetic about your sex appeal? You are in the right place, learning the right combo my love! This dance has loads of gorgeous moments and opportunities for us to unleash our true seductress. I want nothing less for you. Jump on IT!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Opening To The Metaphysical | Astrology Well Explained + Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

We are all aware of our “sign” but I am happy to break it to you… there is so much more than that! Knowing my astrological makeup has helped me work with my forces of nature instead of against them. Our astrological make up is very revealing to why we came here in this lifetime and what we came here to expand through! This is all deeply explained in this video. I also guide you into realizing you have Spirit guides! Yes. YOU! We all do and it is sad that we go so long without knowing how to communicate with our team that is always rooting for us or not knowing how to hear them when they are speaking to us. Thankfully, I got your back too! Come soak this in!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Why Pure Bliss Is Sourced In The “Middle” | Polarity Explained And How To Balance Within It

This took me a while to understand myself. I’m just being honest. But when I did understand it, I began to feel an unbelievable ability to relax into life. What a gift! In that state of relaxation, we can remain calm and collected even when things are challenging which allows us to source the root and be much more joyful about the process. In this video I hope you understand the middle ground. The middle ground is where everything is balanced and working in harmony. The ego working with the spirit. The shadow working with the light. All of it recognizing that it is not separate. They are there to assist one another and that is why bless is in the middle. But don’t stop here, please watch this video for even deeper penetration! 

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Get Me Bodied” (Live Version) By Beyoncé

Who doesn’t want to be on stage dancing next to Beyoncé? Well if you want to manifest it or simply channel her lioness energy, which is such a beautiful portal for all of us to tap into, then come get this combo with me. The live music is so helpful to put us in the right setting to feel the energy of us performing for others. This is an opportunity for us to get comfortable with that idea. Confidence building for sure! Doing this in the comfort of your own space will still help you open up that outgoing aspect within yourself. Why not!? The musicality in this combo is a great challenge because live music is much more unpredictable. Welcome in that challenge! Build your ear for musical timing and channel YOUR inner boss!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Understanding Relationships As A Whole Concept + Specifically Yours With Dance

I can’t believe there was such a LONG period of my life where I didn’t take the time to consciously understand the point of all relationships. When you don’t understand the point, you are not experiencing that relationship for everything that it truly is there to show you about yourself! In this video I help you recognize every relationship in your life as resourceful. This perspective shift will change your life, because we are even in a relationship with LIFE! I also deep dive into your relationship with dance and what that really means. This part is very meaningful for anyone that wants to restructure their relationship with dance specifically. I have chills as I am writing this because I know many people will benefit from this topic. Let’s SHIFT baby!   

Going In With Brinn: “How To Surpass A Learning Curve”

This is another video like “Self Discipline Is My Bestie” where it is greatly helping you APPLY all of this goodness into your being! This topic helps you understand the anatomy of learning something new and why it is difficult in the beginning. A must watch! It is so beyond helpful to understand what we are truly going through as adults trying to learn new things and adapt them into our realities! I know when I learn new things the information in this video has pushed me through the uncomfortable beginnings!  The more we know, the more we can grow! Get this information with me, partner.  

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Young Blood” By 5sos

You all LOVED this class video so much it went viral! It brings me so much joy to teach it to you now. What a release this combo is! Thrashy, rocker, releasing, angry, frustrated AND sensual. All around badass energy. Tap in! This is a different way to dance in our heels so be patient with yourself as you are learning this routine. Routines do not start to feel comfortable in your body until you keep introducing them to your body over and over again, just like ALL things! Come get this vibe with me!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Breathin” By Ariana Grande

A healing combo. This dance helps us quite literally remember to breathe through it all! This combo roots us in the present moment by helping us feel what we are feeling right there and then. My intention for this dance was to create a true feminine expression that honors whatever phase we are currently in by breathing through it while we move and releasing what has become overwhelming. The heel movements may take time to feel solid within your body so take your time learning them if need be and connect each moment to your feeling along the way so they are always in harmony. Let’s breathe together!   All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!  

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Thank You, Next” By Ariana Grande

What a cute way to say good-bye! Gratitude and leveling up! I think this is a combo everyone needs to learn so they can dance it whenever they are wanting to say “thank you, next” to anything in life! This is a traditional pumpfidence flavor. It encourages our sensuality and lights up our sass as we move through a life lesson!  Let’s get it girl!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Why Does Contrast Even Exist? How To Allow Contrast To Serve Your Soul Expansion

Right out of the womb, we experience contrast. We are immediately put into a world where everyone can make choices on different sides of the spectrum causing different experiences to be experienced. In this video I deeply explain to you what contrast helps us greater see and greater know about whatever we are experiencing contrast within. I help you see the point! If we lose sight of the point, we are no longer in focus. There is a divine reason for contrast and I can’t wait to open you up to seeing it for what it IS!  Let’s get to it!

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Self Discipline Is My Bestie

All of these tools are game changers  to obtain. All of the books in the world are epic to read. All of this content is going to greatly feed your soul. But none of it will be possible without your personal self discipline! In this video I remind you what it takes to actually FEEL change and experience quantum shifting. This video is here to light your fire and give you that extra push of motivation we ALL could use from time to time! I got you babe. Learn what it takes!  

Going In With Brinn: Topic – How To Nurture Your Inner Garden | Exploring Your Inner Roots And How To Re-Root

Everything around us is a mirror for our inner world. There are so many synchronicities you can find in all things it is overwhelming! One of them is the correlation between our inner world and a garden. In this video I bring you through a powerful visual exercise using this comparison. The plant visuals in place for areas of our life like love, self connection, dance, career, family, or friends as some examples in our life helps us to deeper understand why something is losing its’ life due to malnourishment or thriving because it’s getting all it needs. This is a beautiful video to help you observe what truly makes you who you are by observing your roots and reminds you that if anything isn’t serving you NOW to your fullest potential, you can pull out its roots at any time you desire and consciously re-plant it. Nothing is permanent. Everything can be shifted.  Learn this with me!

Dance Therapy – Barefoot Dance Tutorial To “Treat Myself” By Meghan Trainor

Root into the floor with me and pick up these good vibes! When I heard this song, I knew this combo needed to be created within my membership community. I wanted to create a dance we could do to remind ourselves how far we have come. To celebrate our growth! Once you learn this dance, it is pure medicine. Put this song on randomly multiple times a month and just dance this combo for your soul and continuous uplifts! The choreography is not as challenging as most of my Pumpfidence combos. This is a great dance to start with!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Being A Vibrational Match

This is literally vital to know. Even if you’ve heard about this before, hear it again. It will only serve you in every possible way. In this video I explain to you my personal knowledge of the importance of everyone understanding the language of the universe; vibration.  It doesn’t matter what you say you want or desire strongly if your vibration does not match that want and desire by BEING that want and desire already. We are wise and old enough now to fully understand the measures underneath what actually moves the law of attraction. Not applying this universal truth / language everyday can be the exact root of why you aren’t experiencing what you deeply desire. I cannot wait to guide you in HOW to be a vibrational match for what you truly want to experience in yourself and in your life. Let’s get on it baby!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Ocean Eyes” By Billie Eilish Blackbear Remix

This is such a sweet combo. Tender energy and softly spoken. My intention for this dance was to tell a story of observing love. This dance really calms me down and brings me to a great center. When I watched many dancers dance this combo, I felt them embody exactly that. I melted soaking them in. Solid heel training as well. A great combo to practice authentic storytelling through heel dancing. Dive into it with me!    All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.  

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Finesse Remix” By Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B

I created this combo with the intention to bring us to the STAGE! If you haven’t experienced the “stage” energy, have and love it or have and are fearful of it, this combo is such a powerful activator for you to harness the stage energy for your life force! I train you to feel sexy, in command, confident, and joyous in your intention as well as greatly breakdown all of the movements for amazing heel dance training. No floor work in this combo. All upbeat, sensual and lively!  Let’s hit it!  All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Going In With Brinn: Episode 1 on “The Art of Detachment”​

My whole life completely changed for the better when I allowed the mental art form of detachment to become my preferred way of being! It was confusing and hard for me to apply this mindset at first too due to the deep unraveling of attachment I had to get myself out of at many points in my life. With this 1st episode going in on this topic, I will be able to offer you very helpful wisdom that can guide you into a deep understanding of detachment that will allow for an easy to grasp adaptation of this mentality for your OWN existence! Passionate about this topic because of how I know it freed me. I can’t wait to help you reach that freedom within too.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Yeah I Said It” By Rihanna

The intention for this combo was to channel our moodier, sultry side with a chill confident approach. Rihanna inspired me to let the sex appeal ease off of me so I harness that for us in this dance. This is a great combo to absorb to train you in exploring your sensuality, heel lines, and way of combining it all to speak together. Night time vibes all the way. Light some candles and dance with me.   All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Welcome To Divine Femininity

I can’t believe I have been a female all of my life and didn’t grow up with the deep innerstanding of what this feminine energy is truly made of! This caused a lot of imbalances in my relationships. In all relationships, our souls are seeking to harmonize energy; have it balanced and working together. How can we do that consciously if we don’t even understand what our female energy is truly made of in its wounds, divine balance or over activity. Knowing these differences and also knowing how to channel the most balanced expression allows our discernment and our choices to be activated for our betterment. This is energetic responsibility. This is energetic sovereignty. Divine femininity has allowed me to feel like I finally understand how to honor myself fully and at all times no matter the experience. I can’t wait to assist you in the same! What a gift to be a woman!

Clear it Up – Energy Clearing

Have you ever wanted a more CLEAR understanding on where to begin with creating a divine space anywhere you are that fully activates your light and greatest good? What about how to begin the practice of clearing your energy? This is a sweet introduction to accessing what I hope we all know how to do for ourselves. The first of many of its’ kind with me, start here!

Warm it Up – Full Body Stretch & Ab Routine

A FULL body stretch + ab routine with me! Being the first of many, I would say this is a sweet overall warm up that never needs to get old!