There are some common questions I have received that I am so happy to have listed here for all to read now for true clarification if you had a similar question in mind. If I missed anything, though I tried to cover it all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via my Stay Connected page with any other questions you may desire an answer to!

Question: Do I have to be an experienced dancer to be a member?
Answer: Of course dance experience will help assist the dance videos but no you do not NEED to previously have any dance experience to become a member and begin training with dance through me now. It will challenge you but you will grow and you will get better with consistent effort!

Question: Are the “Spiritual Videos” rooted in religion?
Answer: Only the religion of Love and Light. Every spiritual video and class I lead is derived from my personal life experience that led me to divine understandings I know I am meant to share to help everyone become a wonderfully sovereign being. This aspect of my Membership and 3 Part Lives helps the dance experience beyond measure!

Question: If I am a Member, what content do I get access to each month? Answer: On the homepage of my website it is so well broken down exactly which four videos are released to you per each month your membership continues. It will state “Month 1” and then it will show you for videos under that title and so on. Each video comes with a journal prompt curated by me to work with that video deeper. Members also get to be a part of a community Zoom call where we bond over the content.

Question: Why does it say “$11 for Members” and “$22 for non-members” on each video under every month’s content?
Answer: For two reasons. That is the breakdown of the differences of what one pays by being a member monthly or by not becoming a member. The second reason is that we wanted members to be able to purchase any video that is ahead of their monthly schedule. We didn’t want you to feel you had no access to one if you so desired to obtain it earlier. So if you are a member purchasing content in future months, the $11 price point on each video grants you early access to that video you desired. When that month comes around to actually be in your schedule, you will still have your same monthly $44 payment to keep accessing your scheduled content as normal.

Question: If I am not a monthly member but I purchase an individual video, do I still receive the journal prompt that is paired with that video?
Answer: Yes! That is such a beautiful aspect of these videos and we would never leave that out!

Question: If I had to cancel my membership for financial reasons or any reason at all, am I able to come back into the membership as well as pick up where I left off?
Answer: You are always welcomed back! At the moment, if you were to cancel your membership but desire to start again then it would start you again with Month 1 content and it would not pick up where you left off. This is something that we are looking into and think it would be beautiful to allow someone to re-join where they left off. We will announce when that is possible but as of now it is not.

Question: Am I locked into a certain amount of months or time?
Answer: We intentionally designed this membership to be something you could cancel whenever you want to for two reasons! The first one is that we understand if this is difficult for you to maintain in any way and wouldn’t want you to be in any uncomfortable position. The second one is if you felt it was no longer for you, with all the love, we would want you to be able to leave. Just like a love relationship, we want you to want to be here by choice!