A little back story…

I have pursued dance, spiritual awareness, and everything creatively / physically expressive since 6 years old. It is no coincidence that my Life Path number (discovered by adding all of the numbers in your birthday until it becomes a single digit) is also number 6. Using my birthday for an example: 1/31/1990 = 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 24 | 2 + 4 = 6.

We are accurately described as natural teachers that do a lot of good in people’s lives from a young age because of our creative, compassionate and supportive nature. We see the best in people and because we feel a heightened responsibility to make this harsh reality a better place, we are very hard workers.

If you knew me at all before reading this, then you’d know this all couldn’t ring more true but this number is not why I am the way that I am and a number is not why you are the way that you are. Even though I do believe that there are things written in the stars for us per our own design, WE have to constantly CHOOSE to BE in alignment through our daily actions.

Once I started training in hip hop, jazz, tap and ballet classes at 6, I experienced it is where my focus level is on 100. I transcend space and time into other dimensions with music being equivalent to my drug and movement setting me free.

I quite literally knew there is no where else I’d rather be. This led me to consistently training in these dance styles 5 days a week and the moment I got home! It was something I wanted to constantly get better at. I had my first professional dance audition at age 14 for the WNBA Spark Kids. I was so excitedly nervous, hungry and truly ready by this point.

I booked it and became a Sparks Kid for 2 years performing at Staples Center 2-3 nights a week! I learned so much about rehearsals, professionalism, and dedication on this dance job. It very much so prepared me for the series of back-up dancing jobs I went on to book for many up and coming artists at that time. My parents allowed me to stop going to regular school after 9th grade so I could dedicate all of my time to dance per my request so I completed high school by getting my GED.

Eventually, this led to me back-up dancing for Snoop Dogg on a 2 year world tour, Lil Wayne on a 2 month US tour, Jay Sean on a spot date world tour, and Pitbull for many live performances! I also danced on the Latin Grammy’s, X factor, American Idol, the BET Awards, the Kids Choice Awards, VH1 Divas Live, the MTV Fandom Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Late Late Show, Dancing With The Stars, the Hallmark Channel, the Ellen Degeneres Show. I have also danced for Queen Latifah, Nick Cannon, Nicole Scherzinger, Flo Rida, Baby Bash, Estelle, and Aloe Blacc as well as have booked the following commercials: NikeSuperbowl, Madden NFL 15 Ft. Kevin Hart and Dave Franco.

I began transitioning into choreography once I was offered my first, major dance class at Millennium Dance Complex in 2013. Millennium is who came to me offering the class slot to teach “Pumps!” There was only one other class slot there of this style called “Heels” and they separated the two by this difference of names. “Pumps” to them was more of a street Heels style and “Heels” to them was more of a technical Heels style.

This was the birth of Pumpfidence!

I quickly realized this was a long time manifestation in the making and that I was also a part of trail blazing a new, feminine and liberating class style becoming mainstream. Because this was my own class, I also realized I can infuse all of the elements about dance that I personally care to infuse being: mindset, gratitude, musicality, storytelling, physical stamina, physical discipline, community support, sensual energy, star power, and emotional delivery! Creating new combos every week that beheld these components became life force energy for me and watching my numbers grow in every direction became proof that this is ALL also beyond me. It is purposeful work.

I have now traveled teaching Pumpfidence all over the world. I truly climbed the ladder of being a dancer to arrive at being a teacher of dance. That genuine and authentic climb is where my deeply rooted Self confidence comes from.

Pumpfidence also traveled into the eyes of many artists and other famous choreographers too which led me to direct booking Dancing With The Stars, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Jay Sean, Lindsey Stirling and All Time Low as a choreographer.

I also choreographed Melissa Molinaro’s viral wedding dance performance that appeared on the news because it caught so much traction, as well as booked 3 seasons of a famous YouTube based dance show called Dance Showdown!

All of my experiences and the knowledge I have gained within them pour into my dance tutorials and spiritual guidance videos here in my online membership. Every video is PACKED with gems. My online membership is definitely the greatest blessing that came out of the quarantine time because it allowed me to pause my grind as I knew it and focus on building an online home for my teachings if in person classes were no longer accessible.

This space also allowed me to fully dive into my passion for sharing the tools I have gained in navigating my inner world; my mental health, emotional understanding, behavioral patterns, spiritual beliefs and perceptions. Investing into spiritual healing sessions and therapy consistently since I was 21 allowed me to push the boundaries of what I thought I knew about life. Obtaining necessary information to better understand many of the emotional and mental challenges I’ve had to face is the ONLY way that I have made quantum leaps of energetic transformations time and time again.

I became so inspired to infuse these deeper insights that have been ground breaking for me into my work. I know this is a part of my purpose in this lifetime just as much as dance is. My online membership is the baby of both meeting.

This was the birth of The Honey B Community!

I am also a Mama to a beautiful babygirl named Nalah Rose born 8/25/16 and in a very committed relationship that is teaching me about true love as much as my daughter does. I danced throughout my whole pregnancy up until 7 months. Because I had to have an emergency C section, the process of recovering and getting my body back into strength as a dancer again was a harsh awakening that made me the compassionate and nurturing teacher I am today.

Everyday I am choosing to be the woman I care to be in this lifetime. Thank you for reading all about me. I know it’s important information to share to gain your trust as a Mentor of dance and spiritual exploration for you.

I’m happy to grow and explore dance and spirituality together.