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I’m very happy you felt drawn to be here and to work with me. There’s always a divine reason and there’s always a right time.

Now let’s get to it!

Action steps=Growth baby, so take the first step!

All of it awaits you!


Want to learn Pumpfidence Heels dancing foundation from the ground up? Crave to learn my famous, multi leveled choreographed combos step by step at your own pace? Desire a space where dance training then meets spiritual and mindfulness videos as well so that you are growing on the inside as much as the outside? My tutorial portal seems like the fit for you! The moment you join you will immediately unlock your access to 150+ guidance videos, 1/2 of them being for your dance training and the other 1/2 being “Going In With Brinn” inner world navigation videos that help expand your awareness and sense of Self.

Every month, 2 new instructional videos are added into the video portal with none being taken away. These videos are of the highest quality and are perfect for at home, on demand learning so that you can create a schedule that suits your lifestyle the best! Journaling is also a beautiful highlight to my Membership as every video comes paired with an interactive journal prompt. Lastly, there is 1 monthly, Members only Zoom call scheduled every month where we get to be face to face to support one another in this divine work and I get to answer any questions you may have in real time!

What are you waiting for? This is your time.


Every Friday night you can catch my open level, sensual Hip Hop class known as Fem Funk 6-7:30pm followed by my open level Heels class known as Pumpfidence 7:30-9pm at Eighty Eight Studios in LA!

I host my “Date Night” – Lap Dance Experience for couples once a month in LA. Join us for our next one happening Saturday, February 3rd at Mihran K NoHo from 8-10:30pm. Must sign up in advance. Chairs are limited and provided. Future dates can be found here.

If you are a studio owner or an organizer, there is always the option to book me for a Master Class in your area.

For direct sign up links, bookings and more class details, click below.


One on ones and group private training is an incredible way to process all of the many layers that go into Heels dancing, my Pumpfidence style specifically and just dance in general.

I am very passionate about helping you understand and feel musicality, emotional embodiment, physical techniques, movement cleanliness, taking up space, choreography retention, and performance power.

I definitely have my own magical way of getting through to the students that feel connected to me.

If you would like to train with me privately in person or on Zoom, click below for more info!



Truly knowing ourselves is the center of everything we experience and how we experience it. It is a constant exploration that requires inner conversations daily.

Once I began investing into therapy / spiritual growth sessions at the age of 22, I learned the immeasurable value of having a safe space to navigate my thoughts, behaviors, situations and expand my perceptions. Hearing stories I could relate to, getting asked the right questions at the right time, and being provided gems of advice that helped me see from a higher perspective became my saving grace. I began to learn how to depend on myself to get centered and nothing feels more empowering than that.

My greatest goal in guiding you through expanding your inner world with powerful questions, life changing perspectives, and a best friend type of support is to keep deepening your sense of Self over and over again in an unlimited way because we are infinite. Learning and navigating ourselves serves everything we touch. There’s nothing better than having someone that is a mirror for your highest path.

It’s an honor to be a part of your journey.


My name is Brinn Nicole and I truly appreciate you being drawn to me.

My arms and heart are open with love as I share with you what makes me the experienced woman, choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, mother, lover, sister, friend, and down to Earth Goddess that I confidently, but humbly, am.


Writing is one way the Universe speaks through me as a channel that cares so much to evoke high vibrations in humanity. Enter your info below to receive weekly, motivational messages from me via email!