Dance & Divinity

Welcome to your B Hive.

A self paced, virtual coaching that supports your consistent growth in Dance and Divinity.

Pumpfidence Dance Tutorials

 I want you to see this pillar as “dance therapy”. In every dance tutorial, you will find a new combo that’ll introduce you to new physical strength, new ways to feel your feelings, a new story to embody, and new music to make love with. You will be asked to come more into your body through the choreography and your mental strength will grow immensely with consistent practice. There’s a combo for every mood. I teach with great detail. These tutorials can be self paced or taken as a continuous class.

Going In With Brinn

Through these insightful videos that touch on Universal mental and spiritual topics, you will be gaining loads of awareness on how you are the Master of your reality, including the past, present and future. I am passionate about educating you on all of the light and how to connect to it on every level. I am also just as passionate about helping you navigate what lurks in the shadows; the more challenging things we experience as human beings. The full spectrum of mental and spiritual health is necessary to explore and know how to explore. Loving guidance is key.


Reflective Journaling

The practice of asking myself questions and allowing my own answers to come forward has been the greatest gateway to receiving true clarity and really getting to know myself. That is why I couldn’t make this Monthly Membership without including the impactful pillar of reflective journaling. Every video is paired with a journal prompt filled with questions to ask yourself that allow for partner work between you and the video you just absorbed. 

Community Support

 We are all mirrors for each other in this lifetime and knowing that assists our ascension. In a conscious community, we are signing up for this kind of work together. By nature, we derive from collaborative creation. We thrive on it. Continuously, we exist in this constant co-creation with the Universe. You have me now as your Mentor and every other Member here that is in divine alignment with your path as we meet in our monthly Zoom calls, the monthly 3 Part Live experience and in the community forum. 

3 Part Lives

My absolute favorite days are the days I teach a 3 Part Live. I have known no therapy greater. This experience is made up of 3 hearty classes known as “parts” that funnel into the whole. Part 1 correlates with the mind. Part 2 correlates with the body. Part 3 correlates with the spirit. Each part is a 1-2 hour class taught in one day live on Zoom with a mini break in between. The live links will be emailed to all Members at the beginning of every month with ample time to save the date and time. 

Meet your Mentor

Meet your Mentor