Where Dance & Divinity Meet

Welcome to your online B Hive.

A self paced, virtual mentorship that supports your consistent practices of Heel dancing, inner wisdom, Spiritual connection and self discovery.

Pumpfidence Dance Tutorials

There is a beautiful balance of foundational / beginner – advanced dance videos available for you to learn from on demand here. They will all serve your growth as a Heels dancer the more consistently you train with them. Inside every video you will obtain my personal teachings of a new choreographed combo step by step or detailed guidance within that video’s course. By practicing with my tutorials you will gain an abundance of sensual movements, physical strength, musical connections, emotions to embody and performance skill sets.

Going In With Brinn

Through these insightful videos that touch on universal mental and spiritual topics, you will be gaining loads of awareness on how you are the master of your own reality including the past, present and future. I share my own stories, channel divine wisdom in real time as I’m speaking to you and provide clear steps on what to do now. I am extremely passionate about educating you on all of the light we can find within every relatable topic here while remaining just as passionate to help you learn how to navigate what lurks in our shadows too. There are a lot of mental and spiritual challenges we encounter as human beings and it takes loving guidance to sort through it all with benefit to our Spirit. We all need it. Our mental and spiritual health affects everything we do and so it is not separate from how well we will experience dance. I have found the consistent practice of both completely necessary for overall growth.


Reflective Journaling

The practice of asking myself questions and allowing my own answers to come forward honestly has been the most powerful gateway I’ve known for receiving breakthroughs and really getting to know myself. For this reason, I curated an original journal prompt that comes paired to every video in both my Pumpfidence tutorial and Going In With Brinn video portal for you. These prompts are always filled with key questions to ask yourself that allow for partner work between you and the video you just absorbed. They can really be the icing on the cake of your growth here.

Community Support

We are all mirrors for each other in this lifetime and knowing that assists in our ascension. In a conscious community, we are signing up for this kind of impactful work together. By nature, we derive from collaborative creation. We thrive on it. Continuously, we exist in this constant co-creation with the Universe. You have me now as your Mentor and every other active Honey B Member here that is in divine alignment with your path to connect with in our always open Community Forum. This forum will only be as energetic as you are in it so please pour into all that you want it to be. Use this sacred place created just for you to meet and connect with other like minded Members from around the world by conversing on their shared posts and share your own vulnerable / connective posts too. This forum can be used as accountability and deeper partnership.

Meet your Mentor

Meet your Mentor