In short… my monthly membership is designed for you to guarantee your growth as a Spiritual being and as a Dancer with a set of content, different every month, that keeps you on the path towards deeper roots and higher vibrations!

These dance tutorials are made of famous Pumpfidence dance combos + exclusive ones too. I teach them to you in every detail. It’s like I’m talking right to you. All levels can learn from these tutorials because they can be absorbed at your own pace and certain flexible / technical parts can be simply modified if need be. It is pure HEELING. Every combo is a world to explore!

*As a member, every month you receive 2 new ones! Every video is also available for individual purchase for $22 per video below | Members pay $44 for 4 per month.

“Going in with Brinn.”  In these videos I passionately speak to you on topics and innerstandings that have seriously changed my entire life. Without these insights, I would feel so stuck, imprisoned, and entrapped driven by fear and many illusions. With and through these insightful tools of knowledge, I have genuinely sourced true liberation, light, energetic freedom, mental peace & true love! It’s why I seriously love sharing them with you. I truly want this for us all. We came here to learn this!

*As a member, every month you receive 2 new ones. Every video is also available for individual purchase for $22 per video | Members pay $44 a month for 4

These journal prompts deep dive into reflecting on what each video helped you see, experience, work on, honor or reveal about yourself! These help you soak the video content for all they are worth!! These questions can open answers you may have never even known you needed clarified! They also help you ingrain the messages that are clear to stay focused and growing in what you now know.

*As a member, you receive 4 every month. 1 per video!

Once a month our loving, supportive and world wide community gathers on Zoom, typically the last Saturday of every month, and shares in an exclusive, members only Zoom gathering! This is a sacred time where we bond together and feel everyone’s presence. We speak on our personal journeys within the content and it is always inspiring. Everyone gets to share if they so desire or you can simply listen and feel at home in the sharings of the community of soul sisters here.

*As a member, one two hour live call is planned per month. They are recorded as well and sent out to all members if you can not tune in to the live.

In more depth it is for you if…

You want to learn quality dance choreographies well taught by me; a personal Mentor you would now be gaining who is heart centered and has obtained a decade of entertainment industry credentials to properly guide you through this art form on all levels of its mastery.

You desire to become as sovereign of a being as possible mentally, spiritually, sensually and physically using enlightenment, dance, reflection and community as the portals!

You crave consistent inner world understandings that can deeply help you navigate your whole energetic existence.

You love having personal guidance on your own time in high quality and personally spoken, focused on exploring your dance potential and spiritual expansion.

You appreciate curated journal prompts paired with each video to truly guide you deeper into what it all is helping you grow to know through your experiences.

You crave a community that you know is also doing this work as well and want to meet women that are caring to ascend just like you!

Well, I can’t wait to be there for you providing ALL of this! Yup. All of it!

It’s life changing, if YOU allow it to be.
I wouldn’t care to create anything less than that.

Let’s get our growth on, beautiful!

This is the content you access immediately as a member:

Going In With Brinn: Episode 1 on “The Art of Detachment”​

My whole life completely changed for the better when I allowed the mental art form of detachment to become my preferred way of being! It was confusing and hard for me to apply this mindset at first too due to the deep unraveling of attachment I had to get myself out of at many points in my life. With this 1st episode going in on this topic, I will be able to offer you very helpful wisdom that can guide you into a deep understanding of detachment that will allow for an easy to grasp adaptation of this mentality for your OWN existence! Passionate about this topic because of how I know it freed me. I can’t wait to help you reach that freedom within too.

Going In With Brinn: Topic – Welcome To Divine Femininity

I can’t believe I have been a female all of my life and didn’t grow up with the deep innerstanding of what this feminine energy is truly made of! This caused a lot of imbalances in my relationships. In all relationships, our souls are seeking to harmonize energy; have it balanced and working together. How can we do that consciously if we don’t even understand what our female energy is truly made of in its wounds, divine balance or over activity. Knowing these differences and also knowing how to channel the most balanced expression allows our discernment and our choices to be activated for our betterment. This is energetic responsibility. This is energetic sovereignty. Divine femininity has allowed me to feel like I finally understand how to honor myself fully and at all times no matter the experience. I can’t wait to assist you in the same! What a gift to be a woman!

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Finesse Remix” By Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B

I created this combo with the intention to bring us to the STAGE! If you haven’t experienced the “stage” energy, have and love it or have and are fearful of it, this combo is such a powerful activator for you to harness the stage energy for your life force! I train you to feel sexy, in command, confident, and joyous in your intention as well as greatly breakdown all of the movements for amazing heel dance training. No floor work in this combo. All upbeat, sensual and lively! Let’s hit it! All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.

Dance Therapy – Pumpfidence Dance Tutorial To “Yeah I Said It” By Rihanna

The intention for this combo was to channel our moodier, sultry side with a chill confident approach. Rihanna inspired me to let the sex appeal ease off of me so I harness that for us in this dance. This is a great combo to absorb to train you in exploring your sensuality, heel lines, and way of combining it all to speak together. Night time vibes all the way. Light some candles and dance with me. All levels welcome. Learn at your own pace. Stay consistent.